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Polaroid 300
Polaroid 300 Polaroid 300 Polaroid 300

Polaroid 300

The Polaroid 300 Instant Film Camera is a compact, stylish camera that you'll want to take everywhere. Its simple operation makes this point-and-click camera great for parties, art projects, and anywhere you want to take instant photos. Features include 4 scene settings, and an automatic flash to help you capture the perfect shot
– Case
– No batteries provided (4 pcs. AA 1.5v)
Deposit: 40.00 €
The amount of deposit is discussed with each client and each case!
Rent price:
First day:
7.50 6.00 €
Item value: 89.00 €
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Following day (Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat)
Discount 50%
Rent price: 3.00 €
Following day (Sunday)
Discount 80%
Rent price: 1.00 €

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