Do you have for rent ... ?

Answer: All the available equipment for rent is listed on our website www.photorent.lv. But we are always ready to listen to your suggestions for further filling of rent.

May I give as a pledge personal document instead of money?

Answer: No, as a pledge we have the right to take only money in cash.

What to take for rent?

Answer: You can contact us for an advice.

Is there any age limit?

Answer: Yes, we do not rent equipment to persons under 18 years of age.

What should I have with me to get equipment for rent?

Answer: You should have with you passport or ID card.

What happens if I scratch the body, break the filter, lose blend etc.?

Answer: Here we are speaking about minor damage of the equipment. In this situation usually is enough with your pledge or even part of it to compensate a damage. Other cases are considered individually.

What happens if I drop, drown, loose etc. the equipment?

Answer: Here we are speaking about significant equipment damage or lost of it. In this situation you compensate to us full cost of lost or damaged equipment (including the value of pledge).
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