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Burbuļmašīna ar battery

Burbuļmašīna ar battery

Iekļauts 1l burbuļšķidrums (ja nepieciešams škidrumu papildus varam sagādāt). 

- Portable high output bubble machine - creates hundreds of bubbles per minute
- Fluid Consumption Rate: 1 Liter every 50 Mins. (120V); 1 Liter every 90 Mins. (230V)
- Battery Charge Time: 6 Hours (Per Cycle)
- Battery Life: 5 Hours (Full On)
- Weight:  2kg.
Deposit: 50.00 €
The amount of deposit is discussed with each client and each case!
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First day:
14.00 11.20 €
Item value: 150.00 €
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Following day (Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat)
Discount 50%
Rent price: 6.00 €
Following day (Sunday)
Discount 80%
Rent price: 2.00 €
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